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    Neodymium magnetic pots with countersunk hole Description
    These magnets have a countersunk central hole on the front (magnetic) face of the magnet. Sometimes Pot magnets can meet some special requirements while a single magnet can’t do. In the meantime, using pot magnets can save more cost than just using magnets and gain the same purpose.
    What is magnetic assembly?
    NdFeB sucker, also known as neodymium pot magnet cup magnets, is made of NdFeB magnets and iron shell assembly, since the magnetic circuit, it is a magnetic assembly which export of powerful magnetic.
    Features: The permanent pot magnets (magnet pot or magnetic pot) position ferromagnetic items quickly and easily in the required place. these magnet systems have only one surface of magnetic attraction. In other words, all the other sides are non-magnetic. This form of construction restricts the further spread of the magnetic field. As a result, other items or machine parts in the vicinity of the pot magnet do not become magnetized. Pot magnets retain their magnet force indefinitely. Only increase in temperature and external magnetic fields can reduce their magnetic force. Pot magnets (magnet pot or magnetic pot) are strong magnets that are developed for the current industrial needs. magnet pots are made up of magnets like NdFeB, SmCo, Alnico, hard ferrite, plastic, rubber and other components. These magnets (magnet pot or magnetic pot) can produce a magnetic field on its exclusive surface. Depending on the usage, pot magnets (magnet pot or magnetic pot) are of different size, shape and width. Different types of pot magnets functions in different temperature. However they give same result in the normal temperature.
    Advantages: It can be very strong adsorption in the iron plate or other iron-containing plane, the other side can be fitted with hooks or other iron to fixed products;
    best choice for using on steel surfaces.
    unlike permanent magnets, pot magnets will not break or crack since they are protected by their metal body.
    Easy to install.
    best choice for hanging.
    Surface: According to different applications, can be in the magnetic pot surface plated nicuni, nickel, zinc, color paint, etc .;
    Uses: In the production workshop fixed daily process card, fixed lamps on the wall, fixed cables, etc., It is widely used in the work and life.

    Neodymium magnetic pots with countersunk hole Specification
    Model D D1 D2 H Net Weight
    (g) Attraction
    (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)
    Neodymium magnetic pots with countersunk hole Holding Force Detection
    We use the automatic machinery in pull off speed 80mm/min to test the maximum vertical pull force of countersink pot magnet countersunk cup magnets by attracting on a 10mm thick steel plate.
    1). The test methods measured by different companies can’t be compared.
    2). Need to consider the direction of force and tension of the insurance factor in actual use.
    ideally when in direct contact with ferromagnetic e.g. mild steel surface). The actual pull force achieved is not only depend on the surface that is being clamped onto (material type, thickness, flatness, fiction levels, etc) but also the size and quality of the magnets.
    Neodymium magnetic pots with countersunk hole Production Flow

    Neodymium magnetic pots with countersunk hole Packing
    Our packing is anti-magnetized, it will be guaranteed to pass the DGM test and avoid to create any trouble to our client and guarantee the safety of the countersunk hole pot magnet rare earth countersunk pot magnets, when you open the package of this Countersunk Hole Pot Magnet, you will be satisfied with our packing.
    Neodymium magnetic pots with countersunk hole Application
    The countersunk neodymium pot magnets countersunk cup magnets is widely used in advertising Exhibition Display Signs, mounting magnet, Holders, Magnetic Bases, mechanical processing, window dressing , door / cupboard and gate clamps, false ceiling clamps, signs and banners, torque limited seals, jigs and fixtures, lighting holders, marketing and exhibition displays, retrieval magnets, industrial fixings, office, family life and other fields. Pot Magnet manufacturers

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