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    Our History
    Chengdu Chuanmo CNC Machine tool Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Chuanmo”) was registered in qipangou Industrial Park, Wenchuan County, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture on October 26, 2011. The industry of the enterprise is manufacturing industry, which belongs to the field of equipment manufacturing. Chuanmo is a leading enterprise in grinding machine industry in China, which mainly focuses on research and development, production and sales of various kinds of machine tools, focuses on grinding machine field, uses advanced design concept, keeps pace with the forefront of scientific and technological progress, creates industry pioneer. We have extensively hired the technical elite of the grinding machine industry in China, set up the Western grinder research and development center, and ensured the practicality, advancement and foresight of all kinds of grinders produced by the company. It is the first time to apply the CNC system and ball screw to the use of the surface grinder. It has the advantages of more flexible operation, more convenient, higher precision. It is a major innovation in the technology of the surface grinder and creates a new era of the technology, process and use of the surface grinder!
    Our Factory
    Chuanmo has a production base covering an area of more than 30000 square meters, of which the main production base is located at No. 446, Shangyang street, Dujiangyan Economic Development Zone, which is rebuilt after the disaster and full of vitality. The geographical location is superior, only 10 kilometers away from the expressway, and the transportation is convenient and convenient.
    Our Product
    CM-K CNC gantry surface Grinding Machine series
    CNC movable shaft type surface Grinding Machine series
    Fully enclosed CNC surface Grinding Machine
    Horizontal axis rectangular table surface Grinding Machine series
    Precision surface Grinding Machine series
    Horizontal axis circular table surface Grinding Machine series
    Vertical shaft and round table surface Grinding Machine
    Multi function circular table Grinding Machine series
    Universal external Grinding Machine series
    Internal Grinding Machine series
    Centerless Grinding Machine series
    Universal Tool Grinding Machine series
    Product Application
    Our machine tools can grind many kinds of large workpieces made of steel, castings, non-ferrous metals, glass, ceramics and so on.
    They can also grind the cylindrical and conical workpieces inside and outside, as well as the cutting edge and groove of the grinding tool. They can also grind the outer circle, plane and complex surface of the parts. They can also process the shafts and inner holes of the parts with high precision such as CNC tool shank and maintenance sleeve.
    It is suitable for single small batch and batch production workshop, machine repair workshop, tool workshop and other machining workshops.
    Our Certificate
    Utility model patent:
    1. A new machine tool track laser quenching equipment, zl201520999627.2, has been authorized;
    2. Grinding head traverse feed mechanism, zl201520094770.7, authorized;
    3. A wheel chuck device, zl201521050814.2, authorized;
    4. Grinding head structure of surface grinder, zl201521050824.6, authorized;
    5. Structure of dynamic and static grinding head, ZL 201521050826.5, authorized;
    6. CNC universal grinder, ZL 201521050811.9, authorized;
    7. Manual surface grinder, ZL 201521050821.2, authorized;
    8. Roller grinding device, ZL 201610129602.6, authorized;
    9. Machine tool electrical operation station, ZL 2017 2 0310969.8, authorized;
    10. Water retaining device of surface grinder, ZL 2017 2 0311021.4, authorized;
    11. Automatic grinding wheel dressing device, ZL 2017 2 0311983. X, authorized;
    12. Grinder hydraulic balancing device, ZL 2017 2 0311474.7, authorized;
    13. Grinder electric spindle structure, ZL 2017 2 1523600.1, authorized;
    14. CNC grinder structure, ZL 2017 2 1523597.3, authorized.
    15. An adjustable V-block tooling, ZL 2019 2 01823536, has been authorized.
    16. A bed for gantry machine tool, ZL 2019 2 01823540, authorized.
    Sichuan Molin Machinery Co., Ltd. has obtained ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification, GB / t28001-2011 occupational health and safety management system certification; has authorized 8 utility model patents; applied for 1 invention patent; software copyright 1; applied for and received 2 invention patents; published 4 SCI and EI papers.
    Production Equipment
    The production process of Chuanmo is a flow line production line, from the casting into the factory to home-made processing, machine tool assembly, sheet metal production, the whole machine acceptance and delivery, there are more than 200 processes, 120 key quality inspection standards. We has 18 foreign advanced equipments and more than 80 domestic equipments, which can meet the production needs.
    Production Market
    Cooperation manufacturers mainly include foundry, electrical components manufacturers, hardware and electrical manufacturers, a total of hundreds of enterprises. Trade mode of purchase: contract purchase, order purchase and sporadic purchase. Settlement mode: cash, bank transfer and acceptance bill settlement.
    The company has set up a sales headquarters for the external sales of Chuanmo products, which is led by the general manager of sales. It is divided into southwest, Southeast, North China, South China and other regions, covering all provinces and autonomous regions of the country (except Taiwan and Hong Kong). It is also bounded by the Yangtze River, divided into North and South regions, with two sales directors in charge. Each area has 10 sales managers selling products. Sales methods: first, direct sales by sales personnel; second, sales by nearly 500 machine tool sales companies set up in various parts of the country; third, online sales, in Sogou, Baidu, 360, Alibaba and other network platforms, the establishment of official websites and stores, and promotion of products.Horizontal Axis Circular Table Surface Grinder suppliers

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