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    Guolin manufacturers effluent treatment ozone generator with capacity from 10g/h to 150kg/h. We are mainly engaged in the research of ozone preparation, ozone application technology, flue gas treatment and water advanced treatment technology, manufacture of ozone generator and environmental equipment, water treatment and flue gas treatment engineering design, delivery, installation, etc.
    Product Composition:
    —-Ozone generation device (ozone generation tank, dielectric tube, high voltage fuse)
    —-PSU device (includes high voltage transformer, DC reactor, coil in reactor, rectifier and inverter, etc )
    —-control device (includes circuit board, power meter, ozone capacity adjusting knob, etc.)
    —-instruments and pipelines (gas flow meter, pressure relief valve, check valve, pressure switch and regulation valve, etc.)
    —-PLC control system and monitoring instruments (automatic control type)
    Product Technical Data
    (1-5kg/h) Large Ozone Generator with Air Source
    TypeOzone capacity Feed gas flow Ozone concentration Cooling water flow Power consumption Dimension
    ozone generation tank /PSU Weight
    kg/hNm3/hwt%m3/hkwh/kgO3L*W*H mmT

    Product Specification:
    Brand: GUOLIN
    Model: CF-G-2-5kg
    Ozone capacity: 5kg/h
    Discharge medium: DTA non-glass tube (Patent No: ZL2008 1 0015373.0)
    Material of electrode: SS316L
    Ozone concentration: 20-35mg/l
    Feed gas type: air source
    Function: effluent treatment ozone generator
    Life time: 10 years
    Rated power: 80kw
    Power supply: 380V50Hz3P
    Characteristic of GUOLIN ozone generator:
    Ozonne generation principle is dielectric barrier discharge (which is the common type of corona discharge), i.e. apply and increase AC voltage to cause gas discharge on electrode or in the discharge space obstructed by dielectric.
    The structure sketch is as follows:
    The most important part of ozone generator is dielectric tube. We use international advanced technology-our patent dielectric tube which is supported by stainless steel tube made by special material. Each dielectric tube will be tested by diploid operating voltage before delivery and same test will be done again before installation. The lifetime of ozone generator is 15 years. Life time of dielectric tube is more than 10 years.
    Ozone generator can be installed on floor, foundation or shelf with horizontal installation type so that it is easy to check and maintain the equipment by observing sealing board on two sides.
    Characteristic of DBS model ozone generator:
    Equipment technical modelDTA non-glass dielectric technology
    Structure characteristicsSingle air gap discharge, staggered support points at both ends of dielectric tube to achieve multiple self centering
    Dielectric typeDTA non-glass dielectric (DTA model)
    Dielectric material sourceImported from USA
    Post processingPatent technology and sintering process; the surface is more resistant to dirty and pollution
    Mechanical propertiesHigh mechanical strength, strong and durable, easy to maintain, extensive
    Dielectric thickness0.5-1.0mm
    Dielectric constant≤6.3
    Assembly featuresThe dielectric is completely integrated with high voltage electrode by sintering process
    Maintenance periodGenerally after operating for 1-2 years
    Production Capacity:
    General Assembly Department
    General Assembly Department construction area is 14,112.00 square meters.We have senior technicians,mid-level technicians and other professional staff. Department is used for small, medium and large size ozone generator assembly, test of ozone generator properties and parameters and production of ozone dosing unit, nitrogen supplement and instrument air systems, ozone destructor system, cooling water system, etc. It is a large ozone system production base integrated all parts manufacturing which include production processes of enamelling , polishing , assembly and testing. Annual production capacity is more than 5000 kg/h ozone equipments, and we can supply professional customized ozone generation system for domestic projects of water treatment, sewage treatment, reclaimed water treatment and chemical oxidation application.

    Quality Certificate :
    Guolin Ozone Generator Package & Delivery:
    Packing Details: Plywood case
    Delivery Details: about 30-60 working day ( depending on the quantity and ozone capacity)China Water Treatment Ozone Generator suppliers

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